Along with selling the base product, we have the ability to provide service and installation. Modifications of our products and custom assemblies are welcome. For our international customers, we also invite bids on other U.S. made components too numerous to list which may be difficult to obtain or more expensive in your country.



Epec Sales proudly represents the following products:

AALBORG manufactures rotameters, mass flow controllers, vortex flow meters, and many other flowmeters. We deliver high quality flow instrumentation and have a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of precision instrumentation for flow control and measurement.

Fairchild Industrial Products Company manufactures precision, high quality pneumatic and electro-pneumatic industrial control components
. Fairchild offers regulators, ratio relays, voume boosters, I/P transducers & loading stations.

GO Regulator is a leading global designer and manufacturer of standardized and specialty pressure regulators, diaphragm valves, and filters to the analytical, instrumentation, petrochemical, oil & gas, and specialty gas industries. GO regulators and valves are designed to fulfill a wide range of applications, controlling pressure while accommodating low to moderate flow rates of many gases and liquids.

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Pressure Animation Diagrams:

PR-1 Single Stage
PR-57 High Pressure
HR-1 Hydraulic
HPR-2 Vaporizing
DL57 Dome Loaded
CYL-20 Two Stage
BP-3 Back Pressure

Generant is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure and flow control devices. Generant offers: Check Valves, Relief Valves, Needle Valves, Tube Fittings, Safety Relief Valves, Pressure Regulators & Bi-Lok Tube Fittings.

Greyline level instruments include ultrasonic level monitors and transmitters, tank level monitoring instruments, pump station level controllers, software and data loggers.

Greyline's ultrasonic flow products include portable meters for troubleshooting and surveys, Doppler andTransit time flow meters with strap-on sensors, flow switches, open channel flow monitors and area-velocity flow meters.

Malema Sensors brings you the best flowmeteres, flow sensors/switches, saftey excess flow valves & excess flow valves for the Oil and Gas, Power, Chemical and other related industries.

Digital panel meters, process meters, digital field meters.

American Sensor Technologies - Your sensor business partner - offers state-of-the-art MEMS based pressure sensors, transducers, and transmitters with the best price-performance ratio in the industry.

Teqcom offers a large family of fluoro-plastic fluid and gas handling components for transporting ultra pure and difficult to handle media. Product offered includes Fittings, Tubing, Valves that include Solenoid, Pneumatic, and Manual styles. Spray Guns, N2 Guns, along with custom configured components and multi-valve manifolds.









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